From learn to sail to competing on a national and world level, the Optimist is a great into to the sport of sailing. Sailed by thousands of kids internationally, the Optimist hones sailing skills and breeds competition.


BAYS area Clubs use this boat from a learn to sail level to competitive racing. Many regattas take place in the bay area and the west coast circuits.


The RS Tera is a great alternative to the Optimist.  It is a very diverse boat with the option of a smaller or larger sail while ustilizing the same mast.  Many young sailors enjoy this boat as it mimics a Laser, has a high boom, easy to hike, fun in breeze, and best of all it it is self rescueing.  No bailer needed!

Current clubs that own this boat are Sausalito YC, Saint Francis Yacht Club and Southbeach Yacht Club.  The fleet has growing interest all over the west coast.  The North American Championships will be held in the bay area in 2020.



The Laser is often the next boat sailed after you age out of Optimists. The best part? You can use the same hull with 3 different sized rigs to swap as you progress. 


Radials are the Olympic women's single-handed class as well as the Youth Worlds single-handed class, and the Standard is the Olympic men's single-handed class, ensuring the sky is the limit. 



The CFJ or Collegiate Flying Junior is the High School sailing boat of choice for the west coast. These double-handed boats allow for skill development and teamwork, perfectly suits for high school aged sailors. 

Club 420


The Club 420 or C420 is the US standard for double-handed sailing. This trapeeze and spinnaker dinghy is sailied all around the country with national competitions routinely drawing over 100 boats to the starting line. 


This boat suits the more experienced sailor and is ideal to supplement High School sailing to develop your skills even further.